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Monday, May 28, 2012

Independent Electronic Rock Music - Soundcloud group

Independent Electronic Rock Music

Come and share your electronic rock tunes on this soundcloud group, and we will try to get it out there. x

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Yes indeed... ;) thanks, James!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


What a film! A brilliant example of how to make a great story out of a tragic and sad predicament.
Obviously crumb is a genius, but the film illumines his family idiosyncrasies to show a frankly incredible example of triumph over adversity. I recommend this one wholeheartedly.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Buying a new computer

Today was the day. I laid out nearly 2000 dollars on a new computer. "Best Buy Open box special". It is so crazy that I am completely reliant on computers nowadays. Everything I do is electronic. 10 years ago I did not have a computer and I was a musician. Now I am a programmer. I appreciate the wonderful and forward thinking people who enabled this situation, but I am a little astounded that my smart phone is several million times more powerful than the computers that first put people on the moon. (if indeed they ever went) ;) When I did not have Facebook, I had real friends who I met. I still meet people, but the post post modern way in which I hear their news means that if I do not read and digest their status updates, they feel annoyed and hurt by the situation. anyhow. Short one today. I am making a backing track for Wrap It Up as I want it to be in the set... x x

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Now I am in hawai'i

This place is beautiful. Volcanic, windy, small and rocky. Lovely. We will enjoy my birthday. Just walked along the beach and got my only pair of shoes soaked.
Let's hope they dry out soon. Making my sample keyboard work, although the sampler mic is way too low in volume.... Anyhow, I don't want to worry too much. This is holiday!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

30 rock

A blaffair to rememblack....
I love this show. Very funny.
Ok, so to catch up, my korg micro sampler arrived this morning and it is great. I managed to put things into it thereby complicating the live show no end, but that's something we can deal with.... :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Ok, so I am often Unintentionally prescient in my lyrical concerns. Embarrassingly so sometimes. Maybe it is complete coincidence, or maybe it is an understanding of the continual and immutable predicament of our lives.
I would love to think that roads exist with no blockages or paths become apparent as and when we need them.
This truly becomes a quest that we can never achieve. Like the grail, perhaps.
My task is to de escalate my own disappointments.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Well well well. Merry Christmas to everyone, and hello to anyone who might be reading this. I most definitely have not been particularly conscientious with the upkeep of my useless and meandering thoughts, although I will try to remedy that this coming year... (oh yeah?) Anyhoo. Just started a new series of sites for the new band: "the Singularity"

Last FM







Awesome last month of many gigs. All of which were mostly fabulous and very enjoyable.

The Good Hurt was the first trial show, after 2 weeks of frantic rehearsals. A little distracted thanks to a complete schoolboy error of signal flows from my dying computer to the outputs of the mixer. Remedied eventually, but the show was not such a performance that I wanted.
Durga gave us some great advice the next day, and helped choreograph the next show:

The 3 Clubs managed a lot more focus and projections as well as the choreography. Great show, with Caroline and Gerard in attendance, but NOT Warner Bros: Nick Haussling who was pretty much the focus of putting together the show in the first place.

The Moscow show was absolutely wonderful and meant that we were establishing ourselves with Keith and the attendant kids. Thanks for the attention and encouragement! That was a great fun and together show.

Then, the next day: Cheetah's for Sasha and Huggy. The girls loved it and their dancing was lovely. Next stop: Harvard and Stone. x x

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Occupy LA Arrest, by Patrick Meighan: My Occupy LA Arrest, by Patrick Meighan

My Occupy LA Arrest, by Patrick Meighan: My Occupy LA Arrest, by Patrick Meighan: My name is Patrick Meighan, and I’m a husband, a father, a writer on the Fox animated sitcom “ Family Guy ”, and a member of the Unitarian U...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New youtube vid and some extra reviews

I have a couple more reviews trickling in from the "Coito Ergo Sum" album:

Also, I will be working with Justin Booty on a new Doctor Who fan version, where I think I am playing a bad regeneration from the future.... Silly but fun stuff, nonetheless.

Here is my review number 1:

Paul Pledger at ""

Categorizing artists, songwriters and musicians comes with reviewing territory, but Julian Shah-Tayler has mead an album of such bewildering depth and range, I've sort of given up trying to do so. Instead, I'll wade through the 21 songs (22 if you include the distorted extra track on disc one), without mentioning '80s pop, Brett Anderson (he looks a bit like him in one of the sleeve shots) or Dave Gahan (he sounds a bit like him on a few tracks - no really, he does).
What we have here are two discs, one called "Coito Ergo Sum", the other called "Mus Ogre Otioc", both bundled together as a limited-edition US release last year and finally due on these shores a full 12 months later. Whilst not a household name either side of the Atlantic, Shah-Tayler has been rubbing shoulders as a songwriter and performer with a few glitterati, including Macy Gray, Siobhan Fahey, Cut Copy and even multi-footwear collecting Imelda Marcos. Whilst this doesn't necessarily make for a pop career to us cynical Brits, I can conclude that this most cynical of writers (me) finds "Coito Ergo Sum" a rather intriguing prospect.
Disc one is the stronger of the two with memorable synth and analogue-pop in the shape of "Revolution", "Communication" and "Evaporate" and a stone-cold hit called "Beautiful World". In fact, there is little wrong with the rest of the first disc - it's a set of accomplished pop-songs dressed up with extravagant arrangements, without being as gaudy or pompous as Rufus Wainwright, excellent though he can be.
The accompanying second disc is less straight-forward, but does offer up some neat tunes, including "Christine", "(Melody) For You" and "Undefined", although the rest are little more than accomplished indie-pop - which is a rare thing, let me tell you. Part of me does think that there's a truly great 12-track album here, but Shah-Tayler has been a brave boy and attempted a double-CD - it's worth a punt.
Overall, I can heartily recommend most of "Coito Ergo Sum" and its accompanying reverse-titled freebie, a respectable assortment of rather enjoyable pop-music. Don't believe me? Check out the terrific "Lullabies", the last track on disc 2 - top music, top arrangement and top songwriting - this man means business. Shah-Tayler needs to get himself over to the UK soon.
Paul Pledger

And review number 2: in Dutch! from

Na een aantal ep-tjes op de markt te hebben gebracht is de in Los Angeles wonende singer-songwriter Julian Shah-Tayler nu op de proppen gekomen met een dubbel debuutalbum “Coito Ergo Sum” en “Mus Ogre Otioc” (de eerste titel achterstevoren geschreven). Hij gebruikt de elektronica in ruime mate in zijn songs, maar ook piano is een steeds weerkerend instrument in zijn werk.
In de voorbije jaren heeft Julian Shah-Tayler heel wat muziek gecreëerd voor soundtracks bij tv-series (‘The Sopranos’) en films (‘Penelope’ en ‘The Golden Age’). Daarnaast is hij de rechtmatige eigenaar van zo’n 300 originele songs en speelt hij avondvullende programma’s als dj in clubs over de hele wereld. Hij is al die tijd in de muziekwereld echter vooral achter de scène blijven werken, maar daar komt met deze eerste soloplaat zeker verandering in. “Coito Ergo Sum” bestaat uit 10 tracks, voornamelijk popsongs met funky elementen, synthesizers en drum machines die repetitieve ritmes lanceren waarop het geluid van elektrische gitaren en piano worden toegevoegd. Opener “Revolution” en “Wetter” hebben die funkelementen nadrukkelijk in de sound, terwijl nummers als “Beautiful World” en het dynamische “Say What You Want” veel meer als reguliere popsongs kunnen worden omschreven. Er is veel afwisseling waarneembaar in de tracks op deze cd: “Communication” en “Northern Light” (disco-songs) en “Saltwater” (ambient), “Electricity” en “Roman Tower 982” (popballads) hebben elk een geheel eigen muzikale stijl die de diversiteit in het werk van muzikale kameleon Julian Shah-Tayler enkel maar nadrukkelijker in de verf zetten. Qua stemgeluid doet hij ons een paar keer denken aan de jonge David Bowie, maar in de funky songs eigenlijk nog meer aan Prince.
Het tweede album “Mus Ogre Otioc” bestaat gelukkig niet uit dezelfde songs van de eerste cd in omgekeerde versie maar wel uit elf frisse nieuwe nummers. Onze favoriete songs uit deze tracklijst zijn openingsnummer “Christine” maar vooral disco-danslied “Show Me Your Soul” vinden wij totaal onweerstaanbaar dankzij zijn heerlijke ‘Cure’-gitaarriff.
Deze tweede cd is geen verzameling afdankertjes maar herbergt daarentegen nog enkele andere pareltjes met “Undefined”, het poppy “World Inside Your Mind” en “Butterfly”. Eén van de allermooiste liedjes op deze dubbelaar is het zeemzoete, intieme “(Melody) For You” dat we hitparadekansen willen toe-eigenen.
Julian Shah-Tayler is in de eerste plaats een kunstenaar met geluiden, melodieën en instrumenten, maar daarnaast ook één van de meest getalenteerde songschrijvers van deze eeuw die nu eindelijk de vruchten van zijn noeste arbeid zelf gaat plukken via de release van zijn eerste soloplaat. Het zal zeker niet zijn laatste worden, want zijn naam zal ook in de volgende jaren nog vaak terug opduiken. (valsam)

Translated by Babelfish: ????

After it is brought for having a number of ep-tjes on the market in loose Angeles living singer-songwriter the Julian Shah-Tayler now on shove has come with a double debut album Coito Ergo Sum and sparrow Ogre Otioc (the first title achterstevoren written).
He uses the elektronica largely in its songs, but also piano is an always returning instrument in its work. In the past years music for soundtracks at tv-series (`The Sopranos') and films has created Julian Shah-Tayler a lot (`Penelope' and `The applied Age').
Moreover he is the legitimate owner of such a 300 original songs and plays he avondvullende programme as a dj in clubs concerning the complete world. He is all that time in the music world however especially behind the scene continue work, but there enters with this first plateplate plate certainly change. Coito Ergo Sum exists from 10 tracks, mainly popsongs with funky elements, synthesizers and plays the drums machines which repetitieve launch rhythms on which the sound of electric jet ears is piano added and.
More open Revolution and for the have those funkelementen expressly in the sound, whereas numbers as Beautiful World and the dynamic Say What You because much more can be defined as regular popsongs. There is much alternation perceptible in the tracks on this cd: Communication and Northern Light (disco disco-songs) and Saltwater (ambient), Electricity and novel Tower 982 (popballads) have each an entirely own musical style which the diversity in the work of musical chameleon Julian Shah-Tayler put only but more expressly in painting. With regard to voice sound does us think he a couple time of the young David Bowie, but in the funky songs in fact still more of Prince.
The second album sparrow Ogre Otioc does not exist fortunately from the same songs of the first cd in reversed version but from eleven fresh new numbers. Our favoriete songs from these tracklijst is opening number Christine but especially disco danslied show me Your soul music find we totally irrisistibly thanks to its delicious `Cure'- gitaarriff.
This second cd is no collection casts-off but accommodates on the other hand the other pareltjes with Undefined, poppy still some World Inside Your Mind and Butterfly. One of the most beautiful songs on these dubbelaar is zeemzoete, intimate (Melody) For You that we want appropriate hit parade chances. Julian Shah-Tayler are in the first place an artist with sounds, melodies and instruments, but moreover of the most number songschrijvers also one of this century which will reap now at last the benefits of its noeste labour himself by means of the release of its first plateplate plate. It will become certain be last, because name also in the next years is still frequently will emerge. (valsam)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Sunday Night Roast

So friday night we went around to Yefgenij's house and we acted like Ghosts.... That was strange and fun and silly. For some reason, Andy would not be on camera....
Saturday was a birthday dinner for Cat with her Mother at a steakhouse. It was tasty as steak can be. I photographed the bathroom as I am wont to do nowadays for no good reason:

Then after an aborted run around the Rose Bowl, thanks to some aching bones.... (but some beautiful fauna

) Sunday was a recording day for some Web theme tunes with Kim Anh. These tunes are pending, but should be fun. A little creepy and a little boneheaded... Fun to work with the young lady, though.
I played a show sunday night at The Sunday Night Roast Where I played Walk On the Wild Side, Famous Blue Raincoat, Perfect Day, Taken Away My Baby and Lullabies. It was lovely to see Ruthann there as well.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

the big chill

ok, so just suffered through "the big chill" 80s film with William hurt, jeff goldblum, Glenn close et al.
sub John Hughes cozy grown up brat pack rubbish. why do these films have to be so resolved and awfully pat with nice conclusive endings, godawful contrived banter and judgmental drug references. 2/10 (a generous appraisal)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Transcendent Man

While Cat was sleeping, I managed to watch "Transcendent Man" - a kind of documentary film concerning Ray Kurzweil, the eternally optimistic proponent of the nanotechnology revolution (and the progenitor of my new project name: "The Singularity"
The rental was for a brief time 99 cents from the ubiquitous iTunes.... No shame there.

Ray is an interest of mine most definitely, and I am in the middle (!) of reading "The Singularity Is Near" which I bought from Amazon:

Anyhow, fascinating stuff and recommended reading for anyone with a working knowledge of science, and progress. The basic tenets are that the rate of scientific progress is exponential, which to the layman means that the more we know, the faster the new sciences emerge.
He then goes on to postulate that we will merge with technology very soon to become cyborgs (human/machine hybrids) and that the robotic/computer technology will very soon develop an independent artificial intelligence of its own which will completely supercede our own biologically limited intelligence.
There is also a mention of "Nanobots" which are tiny independent robotic computers that can work together in synchronicity to perform medical procedures to repair humans from the inside, and perform myriad other tasks.
Anyway... deep stuff! To the movie
To the movie:

It focuses a lot more on Ray's personal life, revealing elements of his past, particularly his heartbreak at his father's death of heart failure.
It introduces us to Ray's wife and the idea of his philanthropy and love of family. It also reveals Ray's obsession and reliance on pills and dietary supplements.
It features some very strange and outspoken critics of Ray's abundant optimism.
The end result is a muddled documentary with many unresolved strands and incongruous ideas. I was left feeling a little disappointed, and wishing that we could have been shown a lot more of the ideas which have made Ray famous and important. I came out liking him, but pitying him more so. Could do better.....

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

An artshow, A gig and a very sad event.

So last night's shenanigans were very much fun. Tonelise and I went out to Will's event at the Stephen Webster gallery which was a buzzing hive of activity. Sam and Django (Siobhan's kids) and Siobhan, Will, (of course) Scott, May, Cat, Josef, Vanessa all came down to witness the fantastic show. Will outdid himself. So many people, and such a great atmosphere.

Next stop the Redwood to see Rainboe's debut live solo show. Not many people wait until they are 65 before they get up and rock like this lady! Great show and a fabulous idiosyncratic voice. Not to mention a very sweet woman. Power to the people! You should hear her story.... Escaped North Korea to end up living in Los Angeles happily married to a wonderful man for a very long time. Cut a long story short, she is now happy to be in possession of a very good debut record (which I was privileged to help produce and cowrite)

Today, Tonelise and I went out to Venice along Sunset Blvd and hung out with all the hippies on the boardwalk. Met Scott down at the lovely Venice Brewing Company(?) and drove out towards Hollywood to meet a May and Eme, when Tonelise got the information that her Mother had died. Plans changed and now she is trying to book flights through to Tromso while we dropped Scott off at Dillons on Hollywood to look at his hockey game....

Life and its many paths....

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Since the other blogs are doing it for me.... I might as well! Stream the album in full here: Julian Shah-Tayler's "Coito Ergo Sum" for free streaming here. Featuring the "Tiger Blood" live favourites "Wetter", "Revolution" and "Beautiful World"

“Wetter Is Massive It will make Julian a star” – Alan McGee (Creation Records)
“Very Impressed” – David J (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets)
“Julian is a true musical genius” – Ed Mears (Crest Digital Recordings)
“Classy Pop Perfection” – BabySue
“Massive talent” – Boom Boom Chik
“Sublime electronic rock – A marvelous Hunky Dory” – Mojophenia
“Songwriting and performance is quite stunning” – Beehive Candy
“Julian is seriously talented” – I Am The Programmer
“Electrifying” - Hotter In Hollywood
“It’s like a magic carpet ride” – Mark Walbaum – CSI Miami
“London new wave at its danceable best” –
“The Brilliant Julian Shah-Tayler..... Stupidly good” – Liberty London Girl
“Extremely Catchy” - Bomarrblog
"Illustrious, very talented. I can't say anything short of Wow!" - Lolly's Hot Licks
"I am so blown away. Reminds me of Prince." - Rick Mizuno (LA Talk Radio)
"I love this album - it's fantastic" - Yorkie, Aiiradio
“Beauty that is rarely seen in music today” – Ramonosaurusrex
“As good as it gets” – Must have track of 2010 – Rebel Riffs
“Intelligent, and skilled” – The Deli
“A true musical chameleon” – Mixtape Muse
“This music screams SEXY to me” – Lafamos blog
“Artistic perfection on his own terms” – Obscure Sound
“An artist to watch for his versatility, musical integrity and sophisticated artistry” – Music Goat
“A mystical world mastered by Julian… Melancholic rock heaven” – Mishmash Magazine
“A real musical journey” – Back When We Were Beautiful Blog

This evening. Will's art show, Rainboe's show and Jason's Birthday at Sayer's Club

Tonight might be a long one...
1st Stop: Wildcat Will's art show... "I just don't care anymore"

This is the flyer for the London show as I can't find one online for this one.... ;)

That will be amazing as I have already had the privilege of checking out his work, and it is well worth experiencing.
He is the previous drummer for Whitey and a longstanding friend, and generally great all round good guy. Very funny and ultra stylish. We are currently working on a film soundtrack together with his girlfriend Siobhan for a forthcoming movie to star Alysson Paradis.

If you were not invited for this evening, then you may come later to the Stephen Webster "No Regrets" lounge, 202 North Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, ca 90210 at a later date to witness the work in its setting... Come with money. Buy, collect, repeat....

Also, one of my favourite people and a staunch supporter of my music: Rainboe Wave is performing at the "Redwood" Lounge downtown at 9pm, so I will be there immediately afterwards to support. She is great, and I cowrote and produced a couple of tracks for her, before being superceded and outshined by a much better studio/engineer! no hard feelings of course! x x x

Then... If we can, it is Jason Scoppa's birthday and the "official" launch of the Sayers Club, Hollywood. Cat and I went last week, and it was fun!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Pamela desbarres and the BBC

So this weekend was a long one! Friday a birthday for wildcat will. Scott and I finished a mix of his song "waste" to join will and cat and Siobhan at a Mexican restaurant xyta downtown, but not until after we had a couple of drinks at Villains Tavern and shot a Magnum 44, AK 47 and a shotgun down at The Gun Club on 6th and Mateo...

Not my normal fodder, and obviously Will's choice, but a fun evening.
Saturday, cat and I went to her friend Jessica Devere's wedding at the catholic church down in Manhattan Beach: "American Martyrs". huge family affair.
we then went to Pamela Des barres house for a brief drink to see Nightmare and the Cat, although they had not started yet prior to our departure.

The next stop was the wedding reception in front of la library. very nice affair.
Sunday was supposed to be our BBC event "Karmaval" with "Tiger Blood"

performing, so we picked up Tonelise from Starbucks, near Christiana's house in koreatown.
drove down to Venice with all the equipment and found that they were completely disorganized, there was nobody there and no mic/mic stands. grrr... anyhow, we left without playing although I did get to distribute the keds shoes.

Rainboe came out which was nice so we ate nearby and cat then put a Downpayment on a new mattress.
she also met some beautiful mastiffs.

then Tonelise and I bought a chicken and vegetables for her to cook for us, and Josef, Cat and I had dinner very late and chatted into the night.

Then on monday, we decided to go out to Huntingdon Gardens to take in some beautiful flowers and plants....

OK, so I can't figure out how to plant the photos in the body of the blog, so this one is just going to have to float! Sorry!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I love a bar that will play heroes by David Bowie unasked and after the best tempeh noodles ever..... nice to see steve from vanaprasta and gear his good news. they are playing mainstays sunset junction this year. :)

daisy chainsaw

I just went to amoeba to collect the new Kate bush album "director's cut" which I have been eagerly anticipating for a few months at least, but the only copies available are on import, so ludicrously expensive....
however I did find the daisy chainsaw album "eleventeen" which I have never before found for $10 so I took the plunge as I have been listening to them with some exaggerated sense of nostalgia recently.

I do love queen Adreena, the band they became, but I think the original lineup holds some naive magic that is not inherent in the later music. let's see.....

Wow. Thanks, LMNOP! /

Julian Shah-Tayler - Cotto Ergo Sum (Double CD, Impossible Things, Pop/rock)
Julian Shah-Tayler is a young man who has the potential to become a legendary superstar. Folks into 1980s music by artists like David Bowie and Peter Murphy will find a lot to love here. Mr. Shah-Tayler writes and records highly melodic, danceable, somewhat emotionally detached modern pop music. Julian writes, performs, produces, and records his music entirely by himself...and yet the songs have the punch and clarity usually associated with a full blown rock band. Songs are the real strength this man manages to come up with a mound of oughta-be hits. There's a lot to take in here...twenty-one tracks of classy, classic pop perfection. We can't help but think that Julian Shah-Tayler could push his career to the next level by making one teensie tiny move. We think this fellow should change his name to something more catchy and easy to remember. If he were to come up with the right name...we have no doubt his career would instantly skyrocket. Totally cool groove driven pop cuts include "Revolution," "Wetter" (this one is infectious), "Northern Light," "Show Me Your Soul," and "Lullabies." Cool stuff. Top pick.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was a fun one.
Friday was our chance to check out Tim Burton's new display at LACMA, which was OK I guess. I think he is a more talented designer and director than artist, which makes sense....

On saturday Cat and I went to Las Vegas to see Kid DJ and Paul Oakenfold tear up Rain nightclub at the Palms Hotel.

Cole (Kid DJ) is 14 and Cat's nephew. He totally owned that stage. Also, he played a vocal that I did for him of the Stone Roses classic "I Wanna Be Adored" towards the end of the set. I was very proud of him, and a little bashful when Josef and him were pointing at me during the track to be honest....

We left pretty much straight after his set, and slept in the room with Alex Tovar, his wife, brother and his friend. Whoever it was that was snoring was very talented in that department....
Anyhow, on the sunday we explored the Cosmopolitan hotel, which was pretty impressive on the art department.... then went to an indian restaurant for a lunch treat, and it was exactly that. A wonderful buffet at a place called "Mint Indian Bistro" on Flamingo, which was full of indians (a great sign, obviously....) and great food
We then drove back via the outlets to buy me some running trousers and a swim suit.
When we got back to Cat's we watched an area 51 Documentary which was OK, then "The Road" which was unbearably dark and depressing. I find Viggo Mortensen a little bland and unsympathetic at the best of times. It was a sweet enough story in some ways I guess, although how they managed to get such a relentless book made into a film escapes me.... I could do with the spare millions.
Monday we decided that we should see Hangover 2, and I was bored and irritated by its terrible script and hackneyed "Jackass" style humour. Jock film through and through in the most unelaborate way imaginable... Don't bother...
Monday evening we had rehearsal with "Tiger Blood" which was fun, we put "Hand To Hold" into the set (nearly) and then went to Pomona way to do some Karaoke, during which experience I performed "Suedehead" by Morrissey alongside Jorge's Soundgarden rendition.... Don't know the name of the song, but we definitely both nailed it in front of one of the best live karaoke bands in the land.
Today (tuesday) I have been still remixing. I remixed "Perfect" and "Trains" and "Another Breakdown" which will not see the light of day until I have it right....
Also, dinner at Tender Greens with Brian Ziff/Kerli. Nice to catch up with those two little dolls.

Thanks to Jenny Eells - BBC Radio York

BBC local radio play!
Unfortunately I can't listen to this one, but apparently they played my song "Perfect" on this show....

Friday, May 27, 2011

I quite like this one.... Alternative 3 album review.....

I am a FAN. This band are ace, and there is no doubt in my mind that with the right place/right time interface, they could clean up everywhere.

This album is the culmination of months of hibernation in their studio, honing the shimmering retro sounds of Duran Duran and early Blur. At first listen, it throws you into a spin, as it is so unusual to hear an album that glitters so bright with casual pop diamonds as these.

It is impossible to say which of these songs could possibly NOT be a single, from the poptastic 'Let's Go Electronic' all the way to mindblending elegaic epitaph, 'The Light Years Ahead'.

This could even be argued to be one of the faults of the record. The reason it drops half a star: every card that is played is an Ace, an uptempo blast of exuberant electronic energy that leaves you exhilarated and ecstatic, with no room to breathe.

Littering the little binary dots are highs that compete with all the breathless energy that coexists in the world of music. It is dismissive to describe them as simple pop, as every note is as considered as surgery, and each performance is as perfect as creation. This clinical precision, this mechanical soul gives it its one flaw.

A little more humanity (real bass and drums?) would lift the communication to a higher plane. That said, 'Heaven Underground, Vision, Feels Like' are all magnificent essays into the science of perfect pop.

They are a duo of massive talent and if there is a God, he sings these songs in the shower.




OK, so you can look at all of my reviews here: I was young (ish) (!) ;)

I used to write reviews for Drowned in Sound! This is my one for "A New Morning" by Suede

It is the turn of the century.

Urchin boys run through the streets, their lovable faces stained black with coal dust and grime from the chimneys of Victorian London. A perpetual pea-souper reduces vision to a few feet. Languishing in an opium den off the New Regent Street is a foppish waif. His addled brain is misting with fin de siecle visions. A nightmarish concrete wilderness appears, inhabited by dogs and nuclear skyscrapers. A swivel-hipped messiah flounces onto the stage, antidote to the Love and Poison of London. His floppy haired foil twists tremulous and razor sharp daggers of noise from his 6 strings…..

A New Morning dawns, and the vision fades.

That was last century. It’s a long time in Pop music and politics. What made Suede great is now a pipe dream. Maybe it was the drugs that made them great. Maybe it was Bernard.

They aren’t even a shadow of a shadow of what they were.

See “Little Kix” by Mansun

Amazon Reviews! Thanks people....

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant on all levels!, May 26, 2011
Katie - See all my reviews
This review is from: Coito Ergo Sum (MP3 Download)
I listen to this album all the time- at work , at home, and in my car. I just LOVE it! From Profound lyrics, to beautiful vocals and spectacular musicianship, this one has it all. My favorite song is the piano driven Electricity, but I also really like the unique sound of Saltwater. This whole CD is so dynamic, and I really enjoy every song.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Don't Let the Title Intimidate You., October 13, 2010
Cathy (Altadena, US, Canada) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Coito Ergo Sum (MP3 Download)
Don't let the title of "Coito Ergo Sum" intimidate you. This is a worthwhile listen that can fit any mood; melancholy, romantic, thoughtful, sexy, inventive. If you are a die-hard fan of Bowie, Prince, or David Sylvian... you will adore this! I'm not(!) (well die-hard anyway), and the tracks grew on me with their ambitious complexities and surprises that kept me interested. I'm a sucker for heavy piano stuff and Electricity's melody is a real hummer; while "Roman Tower 982" is unpredictable and enigmatically lavish. Julian Shah-Tayler's voice is AWESOME, his songwriting- poignant. "Wetter"- everyone will get it, and not just those who know Latin.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Shockingly Talented, May 27, 2011
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This review is from: Coito Ergo Sum (Audio CD)
Julian is a songwriter and musician whose ease with textured rich harmonies and thoughtfully clever and poetic lyrics leads to this: a criminally underground release that deserves the bright light of international recognition. As a DJ, my favorite track is 'Wetter' - a bouncy throwback to the best of 80's New Wave that delivers a hooky chorus that never fails on the dance floor, and that you'll be singing for days after! 'Electricity' is one of those songs you put on during a really great cry - delicate lilting melody, sensitive, soulful, emotionally connected, and just really well written. 'Revolution,' 'Beautiful World,' 'Show Me Your Soul,' and 'Northern Light' bring in a little muscle - power chords and stronger vocals that are thick enough to satisfy the alt-rock fan.

There is not a single dud in this collection - this album is the real deal. Come over over over for the Revolution!

I wish I had known this one would prove to be so popular!

Aubade from the Mother's Day trailer. I made this video very quickly just to get the song up on Youtube. So little time, and I should have done a better job! ;)


Amazon sales site for US. Please review!

OTL remix of Beautiful World

I made the Rebel Riffs end of 2010 list

OK, so I made the best of 2010 list with "Rebelriffs" :)
by Julian Shah-Tayler on Sunday, 16 January 2011 at 14:10

2010 Tracks Of The Year Overview

Last year I said 2009 was the busiest review year ever, but I've still managed to up the totals (and that doesn't include videos and other sideshows). I ended up listening and reviewing some 459 tracks over the last year, of which many were album and/or EP reviews. I didn't know busy, huh? Nonetheless, only 141 of those bad boys stuck around long enough on my playlist to become contenders today. This is slightly less even than last year, which just goes to show you how ruthless I have to be about this. Moreover, I suffered a REAL bad hardddrive problem early in the year so maybe the figures are a bit whack from previous years but hey, *** happens right?


Exceptional Tracks by the Month (either Highly Recommended or Must Have)

Link Key: (RR) Rebel Riffs (MIX) Mixposure otherwise Soundclick or a site such as You Tube etc...check the original review.



Eddie Cohn - Stay With Me LP (RR)

Rustik - Smoke Rings

333maxwell - Where You'll Find You

Avalanche - Not My Style

Satellite 3 - Playing With Fire

Julian Shah-Tayler - Wetter (RR)

Ratchet - Compromise

Pidgeman - Beast Of Halloween

Zebrabook - Piercing

Sunburn in Cyprus - If It's Good For Me

Thomas J Marchant - Ego

Speak Words Speak - Out Of Love

Whitman Speck - I Love To Hate You

Inessa Lee - Living Doll tracks (RR)

Keds interview

KEDS interview - "Meet LA Based Musician Julian Shah-Tayler"
by Julian Shah-Tayler on Monday, 04 April 2011 at 12:03

posted under Art, Keds, Los Angeles, Road Trip on March 29th, 2011

With our UCLA event just two days away, let’s take a look at another all-star musician that will be gracing the “How Do You Do?” stage. Meet Julian Shah-Tayler of Tiger Blood, a London-gone-LA local who you can see at 12pm on UCLA’s Wilson Plaza between the Student Activities Center and Kaufman Hall.

How do you do inspiration?

My music is my diary of the events and thoughts of my life. I tend to write about people that inspire me, events that shock me, how I want to express my feelings to others without having to come out directly to their faces sometimes. It is a cathartic moment to encapsulate a particular feeling within a little musical box…

How do you do Los Angeles?

LA is very different to London, the people love life and the sun is (mostly) shining! It is always good to know people here, as the city is very spread out, but once you know the little secrets, such as great live music venues and wonderful modern architecture, you will grow to love it. People in shops and restaurants are very smiley, which is definitely not the case in Europe so much!

What is your favorite place in LA to see live music?

The Hollywood Bowl is the best place to see music in the world FULL STOP. A great sound system, history, location. Everything. One day we will be on that stage!

How did you and your band come together?

I was playing with an electronic lineup and I got fed up with the backing track thing, so when I bumped into Ryan and George who run a studio (Pure Rock in Whittier) it was a match made in heaven. They brought the ROCK back out of me. Chris has been playing with me on and off for years, so he was a natural to come and augment the lineup!

How did you get started in music?

My Grandmother was a music teacher and my mother was an opera singer, so they had me singing and playing the piano before I could talk. Rock music was a new thing to me when I left school after years of classical training. I just adore the lifestyle, touring and meeting new people, making people happy with the music. At least that is the plan!

Might not be pretty, but it is real! ;)

I contributed a song to this cancer charity. Please take a look

Musical Fruitcake posted Electricity!


09 – Julian Shah-Tayler – Electricity

Categories: MF2010, MF2010 - Dave's Tracks

I laugh when I think of Julian as a local artist, since he’s originally from England, however his music is fresh and exciting with a rock edge that keeps things real. The love child of David Bowie and Peter Murphy, Julian is the local artist that should already be famous. I actually had a hard time figuring out which song I should pick from this eclectic collection, he’s that good.

OK, so this is a work in progress. Even the cover is a companion to Coito!

Lucia. Comes full circle.... ;)

the room in Santa Monica

I just met with xavi and a couple of his friends down at the room on Santa Monica and 14th. great bar with very low lighting and a fabulous dj. there had been a wrap party for some English film there so my first drink was free. that was a bonus!
I recommend it, although parking in valet ($6) is a waste of time as I very easily found street parking.
finished mixing Lucia today.
working on "naive love" which is still not lyrically done, but is taking shape very nicely, I guess.
pleased to see that "aubade" is gradually taking over all my other YouTube videos in popularity coming up to 1,300 views with very little promotions.... good news.... bed now sleep...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

northern light

so I was talking to my American distributor, and he was very keen on the new video for "say what you want" which is to be the first promotional vid for the "coito ergo sum" album. he was also very keen to point out the virtues of the song "northern light"
not to say I don't like the song, because I do but I always felt it needed a remix/reload. so that is what I have been doing for the last 5 days: tweaking and primping. it is now a monster, and may need a release on it's own with a video...
electro rock is the word..... if only it were easy to translate this stuff to live performance! as it goes, the 3 piece rock band: "impossible things" is sounding amazing.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Eatsleepbreathe music wetter writeup!

eatsleepbreathemusic writeup
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Provacateur Julian Shah-Tayler pens sexy hit
July 21, 2010
By Sheena
<[[[iframe]]] scrolling="no" height="61" frameborder="0" width="50" src=",Joaquin+Phoenix,Julian+Shah-Tayler,Whitey">..
Hitmaker Julian Shah-Tayler, who co-wrote Whitey’s smash hit “Wrap It Up” (featured in Whip It, GTA 4, Sopranos, Kyle XY and CSI Miami) during his stint as the band’s guitarist, and has written/produced songs for Joaquin Phoenix, Bethia Beadman (Courtney Love), JC Chasez, and Violet Flames to name a few, is writing hits for his own project now.
His most recent EP, Un Ange Passe, is to prep fans and would-be fans for his full length debut in the fall. Un Ange Passe introduces listeners to the first single off the album “Wetter,” an electro-influenced avant-pop track with some provocative lyrics. Ahem…
“If you’re getting bored with the conversation
Let’s get down to the penetration
You’re the object of my fascination,
I wanna make you wet with my perspiration
Your body is the reason that I came
The wetter the better
I want you
I want you”
Are you flushed and blushing yet? If the lyrics didn’t do it, then surely once you start dancing to the infectious beat, that will. Check him out here or on Facebook.
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Obscure Sound review of Un Ange Passe

Obscure Sound review of "Un Ange"
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Julian Shah-Tayler

Posted by Josh Taylor on 7/21/10 • Categorized as Features
[Julian Shah-Tayler]
by Josh Taylor
Julian Shah-Tayler was born to make music. Putting out an EP every few months and pumping out 50-70 songs a year is no easy feat, unless you show prevalently the aspects of a well-rounded musician. His robust musicianship is responsible for his versatility as an artist. What I noticed after listening to his latest EP, Un Ange Passe, is that Julian is a songwriter who creates for his heart’s content. He strays from songwriting conventions and isn’t afraid to experiment if it amuses his untypical sensibilities.
Julian’s songs distinctly belong to their maker. Un Ange Passe is very personal and all the songs on the EP (with the exception of “Wetter”) were written for a dearly departed friend of Julian’s who tragically passed away. The literal translation of the title “Un Ange Passe” is “an angel is passing”, but is usually used when an awkward silence falls over the room. The EP tells a brief and interesting story about what happened to Christine. Julian tells it well, as the story is endearing and stripped down to the most honest details.
Instead of diving into the story headfirst, the EP begins with “Wetter.” The songs on the EP are sandwiched by “Wetter” and the remix of “Wetter” by Karl Leiker. This song is definitely the black sheep… uptempo, naughty lyrics and electro influence. The feel of the song is great and could be a radio hit. The second song on Un Ange Passe is “Everything Is You”, serving as a good transition into the rest of the EP, which is more relaxed musically. The song begins with finger-snapping, chimes and some elusive and wandering exotic-sounding instruments. Then iit develops a direction and chooses to take on a New Order/Depeche Mode feel. The nameless exotics remain, lending a curious tone to the song. It’s almost as if they don’t belong, but are still welcomed.
“Communication” resembles the sparse feel of a desert. It’s expansive (at 5 and a half minutes) and filled with many instrumental breaks. The track lulls and winds but I don’t know that it goes anywhere. All I know is that when I listen to it, I start to space out. If Julian wanted “Communication” to have a daydream-inducing effect, then bravo — well done, because that is exactly what happens.
[Julian Shah]
“Christine” is where the EP starts to come together and the song clearly lays out what exactly happened to his late friend of the same name. Make what you want of the other songs and interpret them as you wish, but here is what happened, Julian seems to say. Musically, “Christine” brings to mind The Smiths “How Soon Is Now?” and has the same pensive inquiry. One of the most striking and revealing lyrics is “as the kiss of the needle delivers you to the real world” followed by this lyric in the bridge “even if this life could give you all the love you need, I guess you had enough.” The verdict: overdose.
Un Ange Passe occupies a certain estranged darkness, but it is only when the listener gets to “Christine” that I feel they can go back and find its lingering presence in the background of the entire EP. Perhaps that misplaced discomfort is the awkwardness that the album title also refers to. Still, the way the song is handled is half ode, half something else that I can’t quite pin down. For a song written for a close friend the song isn’t particularly sentimental, which is odd to me. However, I think those feelings find their way into the next song “Lullabies.”
From what I heard, “Lullabies” was written for Julian’s future daughter. But the listener is also led to believe that perhaps the song’s tender message is intended for Christine as well. The lullaby soothes the listener as well as the singer, perhaps reminding him that everything will be fine and there really is nothing to be afraid of during the night, and maybe in death…
Whatever the ultimate purpose of Un Ange Passe is, it can be listened to in many different ways. Julian is adventurous with his artistic choices and presents his subject matter though a twisted lens. This is not to say that his method is perverse, but rather aiming for artistic perfection on his own terms. Some say that’s a nifty idea. I would say it’s better than nifty, or original, or clever. I would say the whole EP is a noble effort. Too many musicians make music to turn a quick buck but lack the vision to make something worthwhile. Others write for their heart’s content, yet lack the talent to make sophisticated music. Julian, however, is the best of both. He is talented and passionate, which shows remarkably.
One last thing I noticed: None of these songs showcase Julian’s piano talents, but word on the street is that his full-length debut does. Entitled Coito Ergo Sum, it is due in the fall. So keep an eye out, or an ear rather.
RIYL: Depeche Mode, Dave Gahan, New Order, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, Duran Duran, The Cure, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Alphaville, David Wrench, The Human League, Gary Numan, Tears for Fears, Soft Cell, INXS, Talk Talk, A Flock of Seagulls, Naked Eyes, Blancmange
Julian Shah-Tayler – Everything Is You

Julian Shah-Tayler – Wetter

Julian Shah-Tayler – In Your Room (Depeche Mode cover)

Impossible Things Records

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

back in Los Angeles

ok, so I just spent a whole month in the uk, refurbishing my appartment and visiting Paris and my ailing grandmother. I miss certain things about London, like the variable weather, the cultural diversity/acceptance. Los Angeles and I think the us in general approaches the best of Europe by distilling the acceptable and beautiful elements to the most apparent constituent parts. it then regurgitates these out of context to create amarna style islands of placidity amongst the cultural wastelands.... I have yet to observe a more American idiosyncratic style than Disney... the world as illusion

Friday, April 23, 2010

Post to engcourage you download my EP! x

Hope are well, and will forgive me the shameless self promotion. If it is beyond your boundaries of taste, please tell me and I will make sure not to trangress another time! If you are pleased to help, then maybe you will repost and help me with my efforts!
The reason I am writing is because my second EP is now available for free/donation download.

Please feel free to share and tell anyone who might be interested. Julian

After the amazing success of my first, "Un Ange Passe" I have been astounded by the generosity of my friends and music lovers everywhere. Reviews of this new one are similarly amazing so far:

Beehive Candy:
Well I have to say having been very impressed with the last release, this latest offering is perhaps even stronger. Great songs, and excellent musicianship and production make Julian a likely contender for much bigger status in the music industry. The song's Electricity & Blood Destiny have to be my favorite's on the EP, lets hope they reach a much wider audience.

Boom Boom Chik:
What amazed me about his music was how different the first EP was form the 2nd. I liked his sound so much that I felt I needed to ask him a few questions about his musical experiences

Back When We Were Beautiful:
Overall it's a great display of Julian's talents and of his variety in music making. The EP is a real musical journey; taking us from grooving pop rock, chilling out with some more mellow tracks and finishing with a real rave of a tune. I urge you to download the EP now!

"Wetter will make Julian a star" - Alan McGee (Creation records)

“Very Impressed” – David J (Bauhaus/Love and Rockets)

“Massive talent” – Boom Boom Chik

“A breathtaking talent” – Mojophenia

“Wonderful Vocals…Production is superior” – Mark Fisher

“A superb ep” – Yorkie –

“Julian is seriously talented” – I Am The Programmer

“Extremely catchy” - Bomarrblog

“it’s like a magic carpet ride” – Mark Walbaum

“London new wave at its danceable best” –

“The brilliant Julian Shah-Tayler…..Stupidly good” – Liberty London Girl

“I was astounded to see the amount of energy he brought” -

Back when we were beautiful interview

Thursday, 8 April 2010
Q&A with Julian Shah-Tayler
I've secured a Q&A session with the previously featured artist Julian Shah-Tayler. Read below as he discusses working with Joaquin Phoenix, where he takes inspiration from to write and what's new for him right now. Enjoy!

Hi Julian, it's great to be able to send some questions your way. Firstly, the one I'm sure all my readers are dying to know about; how did working with Joaquin Phoenix come about? How was it?
So my friend Scott (Adamandevil) and I moved across to Los Angeles from England around the same time, and met up with an old friend, Alan McGee (Creation Records boss) who used to manage "Whitey" (my old band) to discuss him supporting our music with his new label. Alan had previously set us up with an audition for Courtney Love (another story!) and mentioned that he was considering managing a famous actor, whose new material was amazing. That actor turned out to be Joaquin.

Scott and I recorded and played with him for around 2 weeks, in which time we recorded on around 8 songs. (I played piano and percussion and contributed vocals) alongside Antony Langdon, (Spacehog) on main vocals.
The project was rehearsed with Wildcat Will on drums, but never ended up going to a live format, as Joaquin was called to do another movie and the momentum fizzled, Alan went back to live in retirement in Wales.
Joaquin was an experience to work with. His type of crazy comes with an enormous amount of creative flair and much more focus than people give him credit for. His songwriting (I understand in collaboration with Antony) is very tasteful and I love the songs.

Blah Blah Blahnik takes on a variety of musical genres compared with Un Ange Passe which tended to stick to just one. Why did you feel the need to mix it up on your latest offering?
I don't think that is the case at all. The "Un Ange Passe" EP is more diverse by far than BBB.

It varies from complete electronica to very organic and "real" instruments.
Compare "Lullabies" to "Wetter" from the UAP ep, and I think you will see the massive gulf!
I think BBB is much more homogenous comparatively.
I deliberately made the second EP sound "raw" and "rock" to illustrate that I could be more consistent in style than the first one.
I have a completely electronic EP in the pipeline as well as a totally live recorded one as well as the finished album....
Most of the artists I love have always managed to straddle different genres.

What is it about writing music that makes you want to keep doing it, and when did you first decide this was the career path for you?
I love music, and have been singing professionally since I was 5 years old.

I tried to quit, and worked in TV for a while. Much much more money, but I realised that I was not happy with the results psychologically, and I care very little for money per se.
I live for the audience. I love the fact that in the context of one song, you can reach people on both an emotional and physical level at once.
It is scientifically postulated that any concept can be articulated and memorised much more easily when set to music. The feeling when I have finished a song beats anything except the excitement that comes across peoples' faces when you play something you know has connected on a deep level with them.....

Where do you take inspiration from when writing your music and lyrics?
Everything and everywhere. My life. My music is my diary and my secret lovers and my open book and my own soul laid out for everyone to experience and interpret and for me to remember and reappraise on each subsequent listen.

A song that has a genuine resonance with me will always have a much more important life than any other song.
If it means something to me, it means something to people that are listening. One important lesson I had to learn!

'Show Me Your Soul' is a great track. How and where did that begin life?
Thank you! Actually that song has had a very long and troubled birth. My friend, Antony Green is an artist in life and paint.

He recently met Imelda Marcos, the ex premiere of the Phillippines.
She is very famous for two things: shoes and mismanagement of the Phillippines.
Antony is preparing an exhibition of shoe paintings with her permission. He asked me to write the soundtrack to the exhibition and specifically a song that would accompany the event as a multimedia portion of the press campaign.
Subsequently, I read a lot about Imelda; her thoughts and writing. I chose to focus on her intentions as a great figurehead who was misinterpreted by (or misinterpreted) the people she was representing.
She has a very interesting and very thoughtful soul that could be said to be lost in the shuffle in the wake of her deposition from the ruling position. Understand that she was one of the most powerful people in the world for a long time, and an icon of feminine power for so many worldwide.
The song, I wrote in one Los Angeles night in november last year, and finished it the next day.

How do you feel about the music industry in general at the moment? Are you excited or anxious for its current state and future?
I am excited, as it enables people like me (with no label support and no desire to be creatively straitjacketed by other peoples' opinion on what will "sell" ) to make music instinctively without the pigeonholes that ruin the inspiration that make it desirable in the first place.

What's new for you at the moment, and what does the future hold?
New for me is the pleasure of producing for other people, as my debut was very well received and I am being approached all the time to work with other artists to arrange, record and produce their songs.

I also put a new band together recently, and we have a residency at the R Bar in Koreatown, Los Angeles so we can build the live show to the best of our ability......
The future is today. One of my new songs, and a lyric that I love : "If tomorrow's what you want, then today is what you need. The future's always sliding out of reach......."
I wish to carry on doing what I enjoy - making music and making love.

Finally, can you tell us a secret?
The secret is that everything you could ever want or be is within you.

Each moment contains the fabric of every moment that is or ever was.
Realise that, and nothing will ever challenge you again.

A really wonderful piece of philosophy to round-off a great interview. I hope you enjoyed it :)
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Boom Boom Chik Interview!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Julian Shah-Tayler is a solo artist who writes, produces and performs all his own music. He released an EP, Un Ange Passe, back in January and another one, Blah Blah Blahnik, in March. What amazed me about his music was how different the first EP was form the 2nd. I liked his sound so much that I felt I needed to ask him a few questions about his musical experiences.
Read the interview below as well as check out a new track from his latest EP below.
Julien Shah-Tayler – Force of Habit
How did you first get into music?
I was 5 and my Grandmother decided that I should learn piano/trumpet and join the local church choir (Saint Wilfred’s in Harrogate, England). She had been a music teacher before she got married, and missed teaching little ones.My mother was also a singer, and had withdrawn from the opportunity to join the Welsh National Opera to have me…. so she encouraged me to sing in front of my school from 3 years old. I went on to sing professionally at Durham Cathedral Choir at 7, also joining the orchestra and playing the organ in the evensong services.
What influences do you mainly draw from in your music?
Most of the influences I have are from life rather than music. I appreciate the sentiments that certain sounds evoke, and I try my hardest to convey emotion as much as possible. It is a constant quest to encapsulate a particular circumstance or contain a catharsis of some kind. As far as musical influences, I love Radiohead, David Bowie, Scott Walker, Bjork, Roxy Music, Adam Ant, The Verve, The Beatles, Prince, Aphex Twin, Orbital, recently – Animal Collective, Yeasayer, and I must say the new Whitey album is absolutely brilliant…… Even though there are none of the songs we recorded together on it. He totally surpassed my wildest expectations!
You have just released your latest EP, Blah Blah Blanik, preceded by Un Ange Pass back in January, each album is different musically, how do you come up with the theme for each EP?
The first EP – “Un Ange Passe” was a dedication to my friend, Christine who died of a heroine overdose. She inspired or appreciated the songs on it very much, so I ceded to her family’s request to release a song I wrote in response to her death collected with her favourite songs as my first release, with a picture of her on the cover. She was a wonderful individual and I miss her every day. That is perhaps why the song selection was very diverse in style. The “Blah Blah Blahnik” EP is another “conceptual” piece in that it is dedicated to Imelda Marcos, the ex premiere of the Philippines. I must explain, as I understand David Byrne has stolen my thunder on that one! My friend Antony Green, who is an artist has put together an exhibition of paintings of Imelda’s shoes (with her permission) and he asked me to write a song to accompany the promotion of the exhibit. That song was “Show Me Your Soul” which I wrote after reading a very diverse and illuminating cross section of her quotations and critics. She is a very interesting person. The songs for that one were also designed to be a little more homogeneous than the previous EP, kind of to prove that I could do something a little more cohesive, although the reaction has been that it is just as “diverse” as UAP! I never have a template when it comes to writing music, so I am glad to stay outside the pigeon holes…. Seems like you have tons of music you are sitting on, How much music do you have? How many albums do you plan to release this year? I have a lot of music. I write every day whether it be for my solo project or for Adamandevil which is my band with my best friend, Scott. For that project, we probably have around 15 songs ready for an album, whereas for my own material (including old “band” songs- drinkme, Magic House) I probably have around 400 songs written, 50 or so will ever see the light of day! I write/produce with other artists and remix as well. I also record electronic/ambient music of which there are probably another 50. (Very Experimental, and only for the really interested!)This year, there are 4 EPs done and one album for the solo material. My biggest problem is my impatience to get out there and play shows, as I miss touring around the world. That requires me having a body of material that people actually WANT to hear!
Do you think the concept of an album is important these days?
Absolutely. I think the recent development of the “shuffle” generation has galvanized music into two different musical listener types. The passionate fan (read Radiohead fans…) and the casual dipper (read Justin Bieber) An album with a “concept” like “In Rainbows” or “Ziggy Stardust” will always weather repeated listens as the concept of those records is coupled with a meticulous attention to detail and a thread that binds the songs beyond their individual natures. A simple collection of songs thrown together will never resonate emotionally in the same way. I am not referring specifically to the whole “Yes” or “Pink Floyd” concepts, which can be overweening on the actual music, but I like cohesion, and the desire should be there to listen all the way through.
Has the blog-o-sphere helped your music career? Personal career?
I really appreciate the affirmation and the new people who get to hear the music, because I realize that I COULD make music in a vacuum for the rest of my life waiting for the mythical record deal, or film placement that would propel me to fame, fortune and dating Shannyn Sossamon, but I prefer the idea of reaching people who I can touch in some way emotionally, or just make them dance. It is one of the most valuable outlets that an individual can have to communicate with people outside the bedroom….. My experience of it so far has been so nurturing and helpful that I feel like at least I am appreciated somewhere! I don’t buy print press anymore, I read blogs everyday, and if I am anything to go by, I guess it must be increasingly the most important conduit to music lovers at the very least!
Superman or Batman?
Batman, hands down. (mainly for the outfit/movies)

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Blah Blah Blahnik review in When We Were Beautiful blog

You can download your copy of Blah Blah Blahnik for FREE right here (or offer a donation) in advance of its 1st May release date on iTunes. Below I've included a track-by-track guide.

Show Me Your Soul - A great hooky electro/rock number that sounds really fresh and now. The vocals sound wicked against the grooving drums and great sounding guitars, this song sounds like a hit. There's a cool synth journey in the second verse and the backing vocals in the chorus add a real depth to the track.

Force of Habit - The guitar work on this EP really shines through; the overall sound of the music has a far grittier edge than what I've heard from Julian before. This song is packed with great guitar-riff work; his voice is deep and sensual which reminds me of Ville Valo (HIM) against a cool upbeat background.

Butterfly - This is a real pub-rock anthem; chugging electric guitars, poppy drums and a real singalong chorus. The Lo-Fi feel after the first chorus is cool and I like the synth/guitar notes pushing against the straight grooves throughout the second verse. The guitar break after the second chorus is cool but I'd love for it to really push for centre stage with a huge solo on top of the mix; it just sits equal to everything else, show it off and take the song home!

Electricity - A virtuoso piano part sets the scene, differing itself from the dance-rock feel that the track's predecessors showcased. A calmer piano-driven ballad was exactly what the doctor ordered for track four and Julian's vocals sound great on this track. A really nice song.

Blood Destiny - We're sticking with the calmer feel again with this track which is nice; I'm in that mood thanks to the previous track. When the track gets going I love the drums with the acoustic guitar and Julian's deep vocals really top it off nicely. It's not a real stand-out track but is great in its own right; the track builds cleverly and the acoustic guitar work is top class.

Say What You Want (Jason Air remix) - A real grooving dance track to cap off the EP in style; it's a perfect ending. The track is a real foot-tapper featuring great samples and some wicked beats. It's eclectic and odd and this is what makes it perfect; it's a real cooking pot of ideas.

Overall it's a great display of Julian's talents and of his variety in music making. The EP is a real musical journey; taking us from grooving pop rock, chilling out with some more mellow tracks and finishing with a real rave of a tune. I urge you to download the EP now!

Visit Julian

Beehive Candy Blog review of BBB

We have featured Julian Shah-Tayler before here on Beehive Candy and having listened to his latest EP 'Blah Blah Blahnik' are delighted to do so for a second time.

Julian is one busy individual, having recently been interviewed by E!, featured in the Huffington Post and performing as part of his ongoing residency with Macy Gray and Rolan Bolan at Prince's favourite Hollywood haunt, Bardot. He has also seen his songs featured in three independent films: "Whip It" (Whitey), "Youthful Journeys", "Prudence" and he also soundtracked an Australian Television show: "West Coast Diaries". He also signed a publishing deal for the debut album of his band "Adamandevil" His new live band debuted for Angie Bowie and Roy Rogers at their enormously successful Haiti benefit show.

He has also been invited to perform this summer in Manila for Imelda Marcos as part of an art extravaganza based on her infamous shoe collection. This was the inspiration behind the lead off track on his new solo EP "Blah Blah Blahnik" - "Show Me Your Soul" (spot the play on words).

OK you may ask but what about the music? Well I have to say having been very impressed with the last release, this latest offering is perhaps even stronger. Great songs, and excellent musicianship and production make Julian a likely contender for much bigger status in the music industry. The song's Electricity & Blood Destiny have to be my favorite's on the EP, lets hope they reach a much wider audience.

'Show Me Your Soul'
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