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Monday, June 6, 2011

Pamela desbarres and the BBC

So this weekend was a long one! Friday a birthday for wildcat will. Scott and I finished a mix of his song "waste" to join will and cat and Siobhan at a Mexican restaurant xyta downtown, but not until after we had a couple of drinks at Villains Tavern and shot a Magnum 44, AK 47 and a shotgun down at The Gun Club on 6th and Mateo...

Not my normal fodder, and obviously Will's choice, but a fun evening.
Saturday, cat and I went to her friend Jessica Devere's wedding at the catholic church down in Manhattan Beach: "American Martyrs". huge family affair.
we then went to Pamela Des barres house for a brief drink to see Nightmare and the Cat, although they had not started yet prior to our departure.

The next stop was the wedding reception in front of la library. very nice affair.
Sunday was supposed to be our BBC event "Karmaval" with "Tiger Blood"

performing, so we picked up Tonelise from Starbucks, near Christiana's house in koreatown.
drove down to Venice with all the equipment and found that they were completely disorganized, there was nobody there and no mic/mic stands. grrr... anyhow, we left without playing although I did get to distribute the keds shoes.

Rainboe came out which was nice so we ate nearby and cat then put a Downpayment on a new mattress.
she also met some beautiful mastiffs.

then Tonelise and I bought a chicken and vegetables for her to cook for us, and Josef, Cat and I had dinner very late and chatted into the night.

Then on monday, we decided to go out to Huntingdon Gardens to take in some beautiful flowers and plants....

OK, so I can't figure out how to plant the photos in the body of the blog, so this one is just going to have to float! Sorry!

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