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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

An artshow, A gig and a very sad event.

So last night's shenanigans were very much fun. Tonelise and I went out to Will's event at the Stephen Webster gallery which was a buzzing hive of activity. Sam and Django (Siobhan's kids) and Siobhan, Will, (of course) Scott, May, Cat, Josef, Vanessa all came down to witness the fantastic show. Will outdid himself. So many people, and such a great atmosphere.

Next stop the Redwood to see Rainboe's debut live solo show. Not many people wait until they are 65 before they get up and rock like this lady! Great show and a fabulous idiosyncratic voice. Not to mention a very sweet woman. Power to the people! You should hear her story.... Escaped North Korea to end up living in Los Angeles happily married to a wonderful man for a very long time. Cut a long story short, she is now happy to be in possession of a very good debut record (which I was privileged to help produce and cowrite)

Today, Tonelise and I went out to Venice along Sunset Blvd and hung out with all the hippies on the boardwalk. Met Scott down at the lovely Venice Brewing Company(?) and drove out towards Hollywood to meet a May and Eme, when Tonelise got the information that her Mother had died. Plans changed and now she is trying to book flights through to Tromso while we dropped Scott off at Dillons on Hollywood to look at his hockey game....

Life and its many paths....

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