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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Sunday Night Roast

So friday night we went around to Yefgenij's house and we acted like Ghosts.... That was strange and fun and silly. For some reason, Andy would not be on camera....
Saturday was a birthday dinner for Cat with her Mother at a steakhouse. It was tasty as steak can be. I photographed the bathroom as I am wont to do nowadays for no good reason:

Then after an aborted run around the Rose Bowl, thanks to some aching bones.... (but some beautiful fauna

) Sunday was a recording day for some Web theme tunes with Kim Anh. These tunes are pending, but should be fun. A little creepy and a little boneheaded... Fun to work with the young lady, though.
I played a show sunday night at The Sunday Night Roast Where I played Walk On the Wild Side, Famous Blue Raincoat, Perfect Day, Taken Away My Baby and Lullabies. It was lovely to see Ruthann there as well.

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