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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This evening. Will's art show, Rainboe's show and Jason's Birthday at Sayer's Club

Tonight might be a long one...
1st Stop: Wildcat Will's art show... "I just don't care anymore"

This is the flyer for the London show as I can't find one online for this one.... ;)

That will be amazing as I have already had the privilege of checking out his work, and it is well worth experiencing.
He is the previous drummer for Whitey and a longstanding friend, and generally great all round good guy. Very funny and ultra stylish. We are currently working on a film soundtrack together with his girlfriend Siobhan for a forthcoming movie to star Alysson Paradis.

If you were not invited for this evening, then you may come later to the Stephen Webster "No Regrets" lounge, 202 North Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, ca 90210 at a later date to witness the work in its setting... Come with money. Buy, collect, repeat....

Also, one of my favourite people and a staunch supporter of my music: Rainboe Wave is performing at the "Redwood" Lounge downtown at 9pm, so I will be there immediately afterwards to support. She is great, and I cowrote and produced a couple of tracks for her, before being superceded and outshined by a much better studio/engineer! no hard feelings of course! x x x

Then... If we can, it is Jason Scoppa's birthday and the "official" launch of the Sayers Club, Hollywood. Cat and I went last week, and it was fun!

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