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Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Well well well. Merry Christmas to everyone, and hello to anyone who might be reading this. I most definitely have not been particularly conscientious with the upkeep of my useless and meandering thoughts, although I will try to remedy that this coming year... (oh yeah?) Anyhoo. Just started a new series of sites for the new band: "the Singularity"

Last FM







Awesome last month of many gigs. All of which were mostly fabulous and very enjoyable.

The Good Hurt was the first trial show, after 2 weeks of frantic rehearsals. A little distracted thanks to a complete schoolboy error of signal flows from my dying computer to the outputs of the mixer. Remedied eventually, but the show was not such a performance that I wanted.
Durga gave us some great advice the next day, and helped choreograph the next show:

The 3 Clubs managed a lot more focus and projections as well as the choreography. Great show, with Caroline and Gerard in attendance, but NOT Warner Bros: Nick Haussling who was pretty much the focus of putting together the show in the first place.

The Moscow show was absolutely wonderful and meant that we were establishing ourselves with Keith and the attendant kids. Thanks for the attention and encouragement! That was a great fun and together show.

Then, the next day: Cheetah's for Sasha and Huggy. The girls loved it and their dancing was lovely. Next stop: Harvard and Stone. x x

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