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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was a fun one.
Friday was our chance to check out Tim Burton's new display at LACMA, which was OK I guess. I think he is a more talented designer and director than artist, which makes sense....

On saturday Cat and I went to Las Vegas to see Kid DJ and Paul Oakenfold tear up Rain nightclub at the Palms Hotel.

Cole (Kid DJ) is 14 and Cat's nephew. He totally owned that stage. Also, he played a vocal that I did for him of the Stone Roses classic "I Wanna Be Adored" towards the end of the set. I was very proud of him, and a little bashful when Josef and him were pointing at me during the track to be honest....

We left pretty much straight after his set, and slept in the room with Alex Tovar, his wife, brother and his friend. Whoever it was that was snoring was very talented in that department....
Anyhow, on the sunday we explored the Cosmopolitan hotel, which was pretty impressive on the art department.... then went to an indian restaurant for a lunch treat, and it was exactly that. A wonderful buffet at a place called "Mint Indian Bistro" on Flamingo, which was full of indians (a great sign, obviously....) and great food
We then drove back via the outlets to buy me some running trousers and a swim suit.
When we got back to Cat's we watched an area 51 Documentary which was OK, then "The Road" which was unbearably dark and depressing. I find Viggo Mortensen a little bland and unsympathetic at the best of times. It was a sweet enough story in some ways I guess, although how they managed to get such a relentless book made into a film escapes me.... I could do with the spare millions.
Monday we decided that we should see Hangover 2, and I was bored and irritated by its terrible script and hackneyed "Jackass" style humour. Jock film through and through in the most unelaborate way imaginable... Don't bother...
Monday evening we had rehearsal with "Tiger Blood" which was fun, we put "Hand To Hold" into the set (nearly) and then went to Pomona way to do some Karaoke, during which experience I performed "Suedehead" by Morrissey alongside Jorge's Soundgarden rendition.... Don't know the name of the song, but we definitely both nailed it in front of one of the best live karaoke bands in the land.
Today (tuesday) I have been still remixing. I remixed "Perfect" and "Trains" and "Another Breakdown" which will not see the light of day until I have it right....
Also, dinner at Tender Greens with Brian Ziff/Kerli. Nice to catch up with those two little dolls.

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