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Monday, January 9, 2012

Buying a new computer

Today was the day. I laid out nearly 2000 dollars on a new computer. "Best Buy Open box special". It is so crazy that I am completely reliant on computers nowadays. Everything I do is electronic. 10 years ago I did not have a computer and I was a musician. Now I am a programmer. I appreciate the wonderful and forward thinking people who enabled this situation, but I am a little astounded that my smart phone is several million times more powerful than the computers that first put people on the moon. (if indeed they ever went) ;) When I did not have Facebook, I had real friends who I met. I still meet people, but the post post modern way in which I hear their news means that if I do not read and digest their status updates, they feel annoyed and hurt by the situation. anyhow. Short one today. I am making a backing track for Wrap It Up as I want it to be in the set... x x

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